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Neolith Frequently Asked Questions

What is Neolith?

Neolith is part of a new and revolutionary product category that came about in the last decade to meet more demanding architectural and design needs.
It is not at all what is known as traditional “ceramic” or “stoneware” but rather evolved from these materials to the point that a new type of surface was created which was non-existent up until that time. Neolith pertains to and is pioneer in the Sintered Compact Surface industry.

Composition: 100% natural based on 3 groups of elements:
1. Minerals from granite: quartz and feldspar which provide the product with hardness and strength.
2. Minerals from glass and silica that provide chemical stability.
3. Natural oxides that offer chromatic properties.

Neolith is a high-performance, large-size and thin surface. It is a product with superior physical and mechanical properties which are equal to or even exceed any market standard or specification. Neolith can be used anywhere. It may be used for kitchen or bathroom countertops, interior and exterior tiling, extensive flooring, furniture or façades. The collection offers a range of more than 40 models available in 4 different finishes.

The Sintering Technology TheSize has developed to create Neolith replicates in just a few hours the process by which stones are naturally created over a period of thousands of years. It consists of subjecting the raw materials described above to very high pressures and temperatures.
The combination of raw materials goes through a press in a first phase where force/pressure of up to 400 bars is applied.
In a second phase, the boards are placed in an oven where they are cooked at temperatures of more than 1200ºC. This process produces an ultra-compact decorative full-body surface (17 colors in the repertory to date).

Neolith is produced in two standard board formats: 3,200 x 1,600 mm (12mm thickness) and 3,600 x 1,500 mm (6mm thickness). Besides these board formats, Neolith is also available in a series of standard tile formats such as: 1,500 x 1,500, 1,500 x 750, 750 x 750, 1,200 x 1,200, 1,200 x 600, 600 x 600 and 600 x 300 mm. Plus, Neolith can be bought pre-cut with custom measurements as of a certain quantity of square metres.
The available thicknesses in which Neolith is produced are: 3, 6 and 12 mm.

Because of the format and physical/mechanical characteristics, this type of product is ideal for an endless number of interior and exterior uses in business and private homes: countertops, floors, walls, façades, tiling, furniture. The only limit is your imagination.

Yes. Neolith is made of natural materials and is produced at very high temperatures and pressures which make it highly scratch and impact-resistant. However, sudden impacts, excessive temperatures and improper use can damage the surface of the material just like with any other surface.
The vitrified surface of the polished finish requires greater care as it does not feature as much surface hardness. For more information, we recommend you download the Cleaning and Maintenance Guide for the Polished Finish from the Support section.
*Take special care with ceramic knives:
Ceramic knives can scratch a Neolith surface irrespective of the finish just as they scratch other brands of the same and other product categories.

Neolith is the latest in versatile products. Unlike other materials, Neolith can be used for any purpose which means architects, interior specialists, designers and owners can create a comprehensive, modern project. It is a light surface with a wide variety of finishes.

No, this Neolith stock is an oversupply in our warehouse and needs to be cleared. All the prices listed on this website have been marked down for clearance. All of this stock is in perfect condition and is already located in Australia.

You can either order via our website or by call us on 1300 522 108. If you’d like to order online, simply find your favourite Neolith styles and complete the order online form on the product page. Once completed, our sales consultants will contact you to finalise your order and process the payment. If you’d prefer to order via phone, you can call us on 1300 522 108. You can also click the order by phone button on each product page to call your local Neolith warehouse and order. 

Yes, you will have to purchase a full slab. We do not have any cutting or processing facility to accommodate orders for less than a full slab.

Each price is per square metre. When you order, we will calculate the full price for the slab for you.

Each price listed on this website is per square metre. When you order, we will calculate the full price for the slab for you.

You can calculate the price by multiplying the square metres of the slab by the listed price. The square metres for each slabs are as follows:

  • 3200mm x 1500mm slabs are 4.8m2
  • 3200mm x 1600mm slabs are 5.12m2
  • 3600mm x 1200mm slabs are 4.32m2

When you have purchased your slab, our sales team will contact you to organise a time for your stonemason to collect your slabs from our warehouse. Once you have purchased, it is a good idea to contact a stonemason in your area to let them know your slabs have been purchased and are awaiting pickup.

Once your order has been place, once of our sales consultants will contact you to arrange payment. This can be done over the phone with a VISA or MasterCard credit card, or via bank deposit. Please discuss your preferred payment option with our sales consultants.